Lakeview chUrch of Christ
Lakeview family, due to the recent announcement from the governor we will be making one small change to our worship service. We will be using three songs at this time. We will keep watch of this and evaluate when we want to increase the number of songs we sing together in our worship service. Please continue to wear masks during service. We thank each of you for your cooperation as we work in the kingdom, care for each other, and respect each other.
The above link should take you to our livestream services!
Get involved with giving back by shopping for toys with your group. We have a wonderful opportunity to make Christmas a little brighter for some kids this year.
We will be shopping for 38 children
We have gender and age information only
We have collected donations allowing us to spend $35 per child
Life groups can begin shopping after getting a list of gender/age by family to know what you are shopping for
If groups shop before getting funds they will be reimbursed up to $35 per child
For further questions please respond to Randy Montgomery or Peggy Horner.
At Lakeview, God has brought together more than 300 individuals of highly varied backgrounds and has created a loving, caring congregation of His people. The church we read about in the New Testament was an exciting church. It was one filled with love. It was busy meeting the needs of people and bringing glory to God. We strive to be that church of Christ — worshiping and serving God as the church of the first century did. In this way, we are building an exciting fellowship with God’s word as its pattern, God’s love as its motivation, and God’s blessing as its source of strength and power.