Spiritual growth of believers is the goal of the New Testament Church. The church as a whole should be fulfilling the Great Commission of making disciples by baptizing and teaching. That means that individual activity should contribute to the goal. If we are Christians, we are already saved. What follows is the process that enfolds in the life of the growing disciple. As we grow as individuals, we should keep these four truths in mind:


Growth is possible.

Every believer has an opportunity and potential to experience spiritual growth. God wants to mature all believers. No one is left out of that plan. If someone is not growing spiritually, there is a reason.


People are responsible for their spiritual growth.

Individuals may accomplish different functions of leadership and teaching in the Body of Christ, but ultimately the believer holds the responsibility of their own growth. The responsibility of the leadership and teachers is to create an atmosphere where growth can occur.


Growth occurs best in community.

Many have expressed that significant spiritual growth happened in the context where people are engaged in committed, healthy and intentional relationships with other believers wanting to mature. Iron does sharpen iron. Disciples make disciples. If you want to grow spiritually, consider who should be on your team or group committed to making disciples.


Having a personal desire for spiritual growth is the key.

When a person gets excited about his or her personal walk with Christ, they will want to get to know Christ better. The more they know Christ the more they will want to be like Him. Jesus said the person who hungers and thirsts for righteousness will be filled. Be ready to share your story to inspire others.


While these principles reflect biblical truth, they are not a magic formula, but simply a guide that sets out a strategy to follow. If we aim high, we will certainly be close to this goal which for many is far off, but definitely preferable.




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