And remember, I am with you always…
These words of Jesus inspire us to take up the mission of
the Body of Christ. What words of comfort and strength.
What an amazing reality. What a confidence booster for us
when we feel like we are not up to the challenge. As we
move toward bringing our Life Groups on line, what we have
to remember is; we don’t walk this path alone (see John
14:15-18.) I want us to think deeply of the implications of
this statement.
As we meet in small groups, we get a unique opportunity for
the Holy Spirit to be active in a personal way. As we walk
with the Spirit, things happen that we do not expect. That’s
the experience of the first Christians we read about in the
book of Acts. People met and interacted and the Spirit was
creating an atmosphere that was characterized by love,
gentleness, kindness, humility and other character traits that
are the result of the Spirit living in believers. As we meet,
the Holy Spirit is present and prompting and guiding. What I
say and what I do is what the Spirit would say and do.
When I enter the room, the Spirit is there.
Small groups are a place of discovery. As we are led by the
Spirit and follow the Spirit, what we discover is the truth of
the Spirit. This is what we need for daily life. The
application of truth gives the Spirit more control over our
lives and more freedom to move among us.
Small groups can become a place of division, if we interact
in such a way that quenches the Spirit or grieves the Holy
Spirit. Paul mentions in Galatians 5 that things like conceit,
provoking, and envying are not of the Spirit. Simply put, if
we are argumentative or arrogant as we interact, the Spirit
will have no room to work. If we are negative and
insensitive to the situations and feelings of others, we will
create strife.
I am with you, means, I am there among you; Emmanuel;
God with us. God the Father wants to do something
profound, powerful, and important through the Spirit as we
meet in small groups to talk about life. When people are
loved, accepted, comforted, served and prayed for,
transformation takes place. We see the love of God take
root, develop and grow in all of us. We are able to maintain
the unity of the Spirt through the bond of peace. May we
have this vision as we learn how to have effective Life
Life Groups Change Life

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