Winter Quarter Adult Classes

Our Bible classes are really learning communities. These are times to learn and grow together, not only in God’s Word but also in our relationships with one another. Some may wonder about the importance of Bible classes. While there are several reasons to be connected to a learning community, a significant one is to balance the false philosophies of media and culture. While the time spent under media and culture often outweighs our time spent in Bible study, it is important to gain every advantage and learn the things that please God and benefit our lives.

Sunday Morning

In the Auditorium
Understanding and appreciating the countless spiritual blessings we have through Christ
– Led by: Phil Leupold & Len Otte
In Room # 4
Faith That Works
The Book of James is best known for the people who don’t like it. Martin Luther called it, “an epistle of straw.” Others feel like James is harsh and dogmatic. Those who believe in salvation by “grace alone” disagree with James when he states, “faith without works is dead.” However, the early church saw it as authentically apostolic. If we take James at face value, we find it is practical and filled with common sense instruction. Important teachings on how to deal with problems, the words we use, how we view material goods, how we use time and how to have a faith that saves are all items we will focus on as we present this class on, “Faith That Works.”
– Led by: Dennis Baker & Christopher Baidoo-Essien
In Media Room
Life Group Leader Training
If you have been facilitating or hosting a life group, or if you are interested in facilitating or hosting, please attend this class.
– Led by: Dennis Baker
In Room # 2 (Starting June 2nd)
Then Sings My Soul – Songs of The Church
Finding meaning and joy in the songs we sing, this study will explore the history, doctrinal message, application and heart message of the songs of the church
– Led by: Dick Towell & Don Mellor

Wednesday Evening

In the Auditorium
An in-depth look at the book on Psalms helping us to understand that God not only truly knows us but listens to us as well.
– Led by: Dan Fitzsimmons