Spring Quarter Adult Classes

Our Bible classes are really learning communities. These are times to learn and grow together, not only in God’s Word but also in our relationships with one another. Some may wonder about the importance of Bible classes. While there are several reasons to be connected to a learning community, a significant one is to balance the false philosophies of media and culture. While the time spent under media and culture often outweighs our time spent in Bible study, it is important to gain every advantage and learn the things that please God and benefit our lives.

Sunday Morning

In the Auditorium
A Study on Philippians 
A study of Philippians based on the book, To live is Christ, by Thomas and Shelia Jones. “Take the message here and store it in your heart” We will take short sections of the powerful letter and provide comments that will add insight to the text.
– Led by: Darrell Davis and Brad Jones
In Room # 5
How to Conduct Daily Family Bible Studies
Lessons and examples of family bible studies you can apply to your household. This will be a small group discussion format class using wordpoints.com.
– Led by: Phil Leupold
In Room 4
Faith That Works
The Book of James is best known for the people who don’t like it. Martin Luther called it, “an epistle of straw.” Others feel like James is harsh and dogmatic. Those who believe in salvation by “grace alone” disagree with James when he states, “faith without works is dead.” However, the early church saw it as authentically apostolic. If we take James at face value, we find it is practical and filled with common sense instruction. Important teachings on how to deal with problems, the words we use, how we view material goods, how we use time and how to have a faith that saves are all items we will focus on as we present this class.
– Led by: Dennis Baker and Christopher Baidoo-Essien

Wednesday Evening

In Room 4
Women’s Class
Ordinary to Extraordinary! A textual biblical study of women of the Bible. Looking at the uniqueness of women’s strengths and weaknesses in times past. This study will intend to make us aware of the important role we have as Christian women today and how we use our own sphere of influence.
– Led by: Rowena Morrison
In Room 5
Men’s Class
We will be studying from the Bible along with using the book Act Like Men, by James MacDonald. This study will help us to take bold steps toward being all that God designed us to be.
God calls men to be watchful, firm in their faith, strong, and loving. This isn’t a call for bravado and bluster. It’s a call for men to mix gentle and tough, to be humble, to follow Jesus. It is a call to be leaders, men of God, husbands and fathers who are present and caring and strong. It is straight talk—no posturing or posing or beating around the bush—inviting men to redemption and restoration in their manhood. What society and church so desperately need are men who embrace all that God created them to be, who long to follow God without limits and meet the needs of those around them without hesitation. To get there, we need what James MacDonald calls “radical surgery”—a deep, probing exploration and repair of all that it means to be a man.
– Led by: Jonathan Karkosky