Adult Classes

Our Bible classes are really learning communities. These are times to learn and grow together, not only in God’s Word but also in our relationships with one another. Some may wonder about the importance of Bible classes. While there are several reasons to be connected to a learning community, a significant one is to balance the false philosophies of media and culture. While the time spent under media and culture often outweighs our time spent in Bible study, it is important to gain every advantage and learn the things that please God and benefit our lives.

Sunday Morning

In the Auditorium
Real ID
This class covers several important aspects of the identity of Christians
as presented in scripture. Knowing our true identity helps us to live authentically.
– Taught by: Len Otte
In Room # 4
Wisdom and Character Development
This study will explore the virtues for Christians (wisdom, justice,
courage and temperance) and their impact upon character formation from select
passages in the books of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and Job.
– Led by: Craig Poole
Media Room (Young Adults)
Where Narratives Collide
This is a discussion that will explore how God’s will intersects with our will.
Being created in the image of God means we have our own sense of self-determination.
That sense is then informed by something; either the Word of God, or the
narrative of culture, or a little of both.
– Facilitated by: Dennis Baker

Wednesday Evening

In the Auditorium
The Disciples Path: The Journey
The goal of this class will help us to become disciples that are mature
and even be involved in making disciples that make more disciples.
Christians were first called disciples, and it is important to reclaim that identity
if we are going to be faithful followers of Jesus.
– Led by: Dennis Baker
In Room # 4
Passing on the Truth of Christ
This will be a discussion about how to raise children who seek and holdon to Christ in their own faith.
Led by: Ben Cook