Adult Classes

Our Bible classes are really learning communities. These are times to learn and grow together, not only in God’s Word but also in our relationships with one another. Some may wonder about the importance of Bible classes. While there are several reasons to be connected to a learning community, a significant one is to balance the false philosophies of media and culture. While the time spent under media and culture often outweighs our time spent in Bible study, it is important to gain every advantage and learn the things that please God and benefit our lives.

Sunday Morning

In the Auditorium
The Church That Jesus Built
This is a foundational study for all Christians. It will cover the basics and the deep things concerning the Church.
As we live out the obedience of what we learn, the church will be what Jesus built it to be. “Thriving churches have
the Great Commission as the centerpiece of their vision, while dying churches have forgotten the clear command of Christ.”
Thom S. Rainer, Autopsy of a Deceased Church
– Taught by: Phil Leupold
In Room # 4
Costly Grace
This is based on the book of the same name and it’s a modern day application of the book, “the Cost of Discipleship”
by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Walking in harmony with God’s will for our lives helps leads us to effectively walk in grace.
– Led by: Dennis Baker

Wednesday Evening

In the Auditorium
What Real Christianity Looks Like: A Study of the Parables.
As we study the different parables that Jesus taught, we see the grace of God expressed to people
(parable of the lost son) and we seethe grace of God lived out by people (parable of the good Samaritan).
Our hope is that we gain a fresh understanding of God’s love for us and we live that out in the daily grind.
– Led by: Men of the Lakeview family